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how we work


We process thousands of malware samples daily to determine how they attack organizations, the depth of intrusion and the targeted assets in order to predict the behaviour.


Every malware sample is inspected deeply using reverse engineering techniques to understand how it works. We use the analysis to profile the threat and create a technical report.


We extract the indicators of compromise from the malware samples and we export them in different formats.


Our indicators of compromise can be easily imported into security appliances like IDS, Firewall or SIEM solutions among others.


We offer full access to our database so Security Operation Centers or Incident Response teams can query information about any details related to threats.

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our services

The DinoFlux Intelligence Services

  • On-demand access to both current and historic threat intelligence. Searchable by IP address, domain, malware hashes, signature ID, behavior details, antivirus name, YARA community... .
  • Search results reveal related info for pivot and drill down, providing a forensic data trail for accelerating incident investigation.
  • Long time observed threat activity and Continuously updated data.
  • Dashboard with view of current global threat posture on command and control andactive exploit kits.
  • Available through web user interface or API

The DinoFlux Feed Services

  • The latest versions and updates of the integration for mayor Security Products: snort, suricata, arcsight, ...
  • High Performance and latest generation malware protection
  • Command and Control coverage by providing the highest level of malware protection
  • Frequent updates of the Ruleset and the Research ruleset writing which is timely tested that have thousand malware rules.

our services

Easy integration

Highly effective in the fight against malware

Daily Updates

To ensure the most up-to-date malware detection signatures

High Quality

Based on our experience on malware analysis

who we are

Cyberthreats are the biggest danger to industry, governments and military, the financial sector, research organizations and critical
infrastructures such as power plants in the mordern world. These threats are becoming more advanced and invasive by daily
basis and you need the best information available about them at your disposal.
Dinoflux provides that information.